From tracking your contacts + enrolments, to planning and organizing your day to day appointments (both business and personal!) the dōPLANNER was designed by wellness advocates for wellness advocates to keep you inspired, organized, motivated and on track for success all year around!

The month at a glance gives you an overview of what the upcoming month is going to look like. It allows you to track your daily mileage and business expenses. There's also a spot for your monthly business & personal focus- ensuring you get those MustDo’s done!





I'm Jennifer Bitner, Founder of The dōPLANNER. 

I'm a Diamond Leader with dōTERRA, time leveraging queen and mentor for those looking to become the CEO (Chief Energy Organizer) of their essential oils business. 

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The dōSHOW is a weekly business video podcast to support you in your essential oils business!

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