Meet The Founder

Jennifer Bitner has traded in the hustle + burnout for purpose + flow. 

She now teaches women how to live a life of less stress and more freedom.


She spent over 10 years as a General Manager in the fitness industry, quickly climbing the corporate ladder exceeding sales records and gaining many accolades for her success. It was during this time she was also riddled with a severe anxiety and panic disorder. Her imbalanced state of mental health is what triggered her to make a change. She left her corporate position and started her own business with freedom and flexibility, with dōTERRA Essential Oils, specializing in emotional aromatherapy.


Soon after launching her essential oil company in 2015, Jennifer was leading a business training teaching the importance of time management and organization. A light bulb went off for her and her sister (who also just started her own business), realizing there was no planner on the market specific for essential oil business owners. That day the dōPLANNER was born! After hundreds of hours of graphic designing, creative soul + lots of love and passion, the first edition was launchedNow the dōPLANNER is an international selling planner in its third edition and gets better every year!

Jennifer has since taken over the company fully and has plans of helping 20,000 wellness advocates worldwide get more organized in their businesses! She’s a guru in time leveraging, energy prioritizing and organization and she specializes in teaching women how to launch a wellness business and create a life they love.

Meet The Team

Hey, I'm Dave Duffy, lead app developer and lead tech support. I am a simple family man who loves helping others reach their potential!

I'm Nadia Mastroianni, Customer Experience Specialist + Business Assistant for the dōPLANNER.

I'm also Silver Leader with dōTERRA + holistic mental health educator and advocate!